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Why is the US embassy funding “research” in the Amazon?  • Labor Cause Diary

Why is the US embassy funding “research” in the Amazon? • Labor Cause Diary

On June 29, the Twitter account of the US Embassy in Brazil posted the following message:

“The Fulbright Amazonia team met in Belem for the 1st time! The @fulbrightbrasil and @ECAatState project has selected 16 researchers and experts from 6 countries in Brazil, the United States and South America to work on promoting studies and research for a sustainable and resilient Amazon.

While this is nothing new to those familiar with the politics of imperialism, it reveals the close involvement of the North American government, a major imperialist country, with alleged concerns over the environment.

But it’s not just about pushing ecological ideology. The embassy’s tweet reveals direct US government funding for environmental-related research and institutions.

Any moderately critical person should ask themselves: Why does the US government care so much about protecting the environment?

However, the petty-bourgeois, philosophical imperialist left seems to have no problem repeating all the policies and propaganda advanced by imperialism.

The Fulbright mentioned in the tweet is an organization based in Brazil since 1957. “Educational and Cultural” exchange created in 1946 between the United States and other countries. We are dealing with a typical imperialist system, which is created and developed in American offices. Govt.

“ECAatState” tagged in the tweet is none other than the US State Department’s Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Therefore, we are not talking about pro-imperialist organizations, but directly about imperialist groups.

These groups will fund 16 researchers to promote “studies and research for a sustainable and resilient Amazon.”

What is US imperialism’s interest in the Amazon? This is certainly not the case with ecology. If America is funding anything, we can be sure it is to steal our wealth. But leftists who believe in the imperialist ideology of “environmental protection” are also intellectuals and revolutionaries.

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