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Who was actually arrested for the betting scheme?

Who was actually arrested for the betting scheme?

The Goiás judge ordered the arrest Three people are involved In a fraudulent scheme involving sports betting on Serie A and Serie A matches in Italy Brazilian championship 2022 and Paulistão and Gauchão 2023. Bruno Lopez de Moura, Romario Hugo dos Santos, and Thiago Champagne de Andrade He is suspected of leading a gang that inspired players to carry out deliberate actions on the field, such as receiving yellow and red cards or committing fouls. In exchange, the athletes received financial benefits of up to R$100,000. The prisoners are in São Paulo, but they should soon be transferred to Goiania, where the investigations are concentrated.

The maximum punishment process

Image: Disclosure/MPGO/Estadão

The Goiás judge introduced 16 defendants, including seven players. Cases are also being investigated by the Federal Police, which started the investigation by order of the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio DinoCompliance with CBF request.

Bruno Lopez

appointed as group leader, Bruno Lopezalso defined in the complaint as “BLHe had already been captured during the first stage of The maximum punishment processwhich took place in February and targeted only the matches of the National Second Division. Released through habeas corpus, he was arrested again when the second phase of the operation was launched. Bruno owns BC Sport Management, which manages the careers of ten athletes and has been at the center of investigations into betting schemes.

According to the MP, the investigation began in November 2022, when Vila Nova’s president, Hugo Jorge Bravo, denounced the temptation of his club’s players to provoke certain events in the team’s matches. The aforementioned reporter highlighted the illegal behavior of Bruno Lopez de Moura in match-fixing between Vila Nova x Sport, Tombense x Criciúma and Sampaio Corrêa x Londrina, stating that Bruno Lopez told him that he had negotiated with Romário, an athlete from the club, so that he could of organizing and arranging a penalty kick for his team, even with the presence of third parties, in the first half of the next match against Sport Club Recife,” the complaint details. The match was valid for the Round of 36 of Série B, which was played on 21 October 2022.

The fraud came to light because Romário did not commit the penalty, frustrating bets, as indicated in the indictment. “Bruno Lopez himself explained to the president of Vila Nova the values ​​agreed upon with the athletes in case of success and added that only in the game of Vila Nova Futebol Clube there was no penalty, the bets were broken and now he is to demand compensation from Romário in an amount greater than R$ 500,000.00”.

The scheme moved in the period covered by the investigation, from the second half of 2022 until the date of the first raid, more than one million Brazilian reals only through Bruno Lopez’s wife, Camila Silva Mota, who is also a defendant in this process. Bruno’s custody hearing took place on April 19. His lawyer, Ralph Fraga, says the client will only explain himself during cross-examination and avoid commenting on the fact that he is referred to as the brain of the group.


Born in Belo Horizonte, Romario Hugo dos Santosknown as Romarinho, is a former player and played for the youth teams in Palmeiras, but he did not succeed in professional football, with short experiences in clubs such as Atlético Sorocaba and Ponte Preta, before ending his career in 2019. He owns a company in the automotive sector in Freguesia do Ó, a neighborhood in northern Sao Paulo. The company is not in the sight of the deputy.

Romarinho’s name was transmitted in letters sent by a gambler to Bauerman, in the year 2022, when the Santos defender was tempted to receive a card in two matches in Brasileirao, against Avai and Botafogo. In the dialogue, Romarinho revealed that he had lost R$800,000 in bets and insisted that the athlete compensate him – because Bormann was not going to fulfill his part of the agreement. According to the member of parliament, the former player transferred 10,000 Brazilian riyals to the account of Gabriel Teuta, from Juventude, so that the player was warned with a yellow card in the defeat against Goiás, by 1 to 0, in the Brazilian League last year. In the complaint, Romarinho will be involved in five matches: Goiás x Juventude, Red Bull Bragantino x América-MG and Palmeiras x Cuiabá, as well as Santos’ matches against Avaí and Botafogo, all valid for 2022 Brasileirão.

Thiago Champeau

The third prisoner is Thiago Champeau Andradewhich appears in the Whatsapp printout attached by the MP to the complaint as “THCHAppointed as one of the financiers of the scheme, he owns a company with CNPJ linked to the Bom Retiro neighborhood, in downtown São Paulo. In conversations obtained by the investigation, he seems to forward proof of payments made to the accounts of Bruno’s wife and also from his company, BC Sport, Followed by notes about profits from rigged bets.

Also according to the complaint, Shambu was the person who directed Bruno Lopez to take care of providing address, phone number and bank accounts to third parties, even recommending the use of Orange to receive payments and make the scheme viable.

Romarinho played a short career as a professional player. He is designated as one of the group members.

Photo: Disclosure / Passo Fundo / Estadão

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