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Who left dancing with celebrities?  See the replay results on Dominingão TV News

Who left dancing with celebrities? See the replay results on Dominingão TV News

Talitha Moret, Clara Castanho, Henry Castelli Barbara Coelho was eliminated from Dança dos Famosos, a show on Dominingão com Huck. The beat on Sunday (26th) was Lindy Hop. Barbara Reis, Lexa, Giuliano Flos and Michael Borges qualified for the next stage.

This time, Luciano Hack chose Christian Chavez, a member of the RBD, and actress Camila Quiroz for the artistic jury. Carlinhos de Jesus, Ana Botafogo and Zebrainha continued to sit on the technical side of the bench. The judges did not grade the presentations, but only made comments.

After all the couples passed the stage, the judges voted to choose who would move on to the next stage and who would not. The public also participated in voting.

Check out the judges and audience’s picks:

  • Ana Botafogo: Thaletta Moretti, Michael Borges, Lexa, and Barbara Reis;
  • Camila Quiroz: Clara Castanho, Lexa, Giuliano Flos and Barbara Reis;
  • Zebrainha: Mikael Borges, Lexa, Giuliano Flos and Barbara Reis;
  • Christian Chavez: Juliano Floss, Barbara Reis, Clara Castanho, Lexa;
  • Carlinhos de Jesus: Mikael Borges, Lexa, Thalita Moretti and Barbara Reyes;
  • Audience: Barbara (84%), Giuliano Flos (67%), Mikael (66%) and Clara (53%).

Without going through the replay, Lucie Alves, Enrique Díaz, Samuel and Tati Machado, musician MC Daniel and actor Amurri Lorenzo also continue in the reality show.

The atmosphere on stage

Livia Andrade blew the whistle when she suggested that Mikael Borges would make a great pair with Professor Natalia Ramos. Upset, the actor informed that he was married and asked the presenter to blow a kiss to his partner. “I broke up, think of a couple, break the bed…” the former SBT star said.

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“You can’t bring two people like that together. It’s too much energy. Speaking of which, Luciano, we’re here in the process of elimination, are we a duo or not? Let’s ask you…” Livia continued, keeping an eye on the actor and teacher. “I think she’s implying that you two are dating,” Huck replied.

“Can you blow Heloisy a kiss? My wife of 12 years,” the actor asked. Luciano Huck complained: “You are creating an intrigue, you asked for the floor to talk nonsense.” “For me to be here available and ready, my wife is at home taking care of my son,” Borges added.