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Who is Khaabi Lam, the young man who infuses TikTok with his unique sense of humor – News

Kabane Xabi Lam, who was born in Senegal, Africa, lives with his parents in Chivaso, a city of 23,500 in the province of Turin, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. On March 15, 2000, six days after turning 21, he made a life-changing decision: Create Profile no Tik Tok.

The young soccer fan’s goal was modest: to have a hobby while respecting the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the young man’s intelligence, sensitivity, and polished sense of humor produced something much greater.

A year and two months after the first post, it had 62.1 million followers and 826.8 million likes on social media – and in the name of caution, it is worth noting that these flags were registered in the early hours of Friday (28).

The boy’s numbers continue to evolve in the hundreds of thousands in a matter of minutes. While writing this report, over 200,000 new fans have fattened their Virtual Army.

Khaby Today, with much inaction, the Ticktoker Most followed by Italy – and one of the Top Ten all over the world. It makes a lot of big people eat dust, including actor Will Smith, singer Selena Gomez, and the boys in the band. K-pop BTS.

But what makes this young man fall in love with the blessing of so many people and pass like a meteor over Tik Tok? Just this: blessing. In his posts, he annoys in a disturbing way and hurts nonsense, exaggeration and ridiculous videos shared by other members of the same social network, which was launched in China in 2016.

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In the vast majority of his performance, he did not utter a single word from beginning to end. The way, curiously, exaggerates the absurd and sometimes pitiful situations and people he exposes and criticizes. His facial expressions between reproach and boredom, his hands apart at the end, as if to say, “Simple, elementary, right?” , Say everything. Laughter is inevitable, as he adds in an Italian phrase on his profile: If you wanna laugh, you’ve come to the right place (If you wanna laugh, you’ve come to the right place.)

Silence helps make your videos admired all over the world without language restrictions. In his most watched movie, with 243.5 million views as of Friday (28), A. Ticktoker Who had the inspiring idea of ​​peeling a banana with a cleaver, and throwing out too much of the fruit besides the peel.

Khaby He repeats the scene of the citizen, then enters with a banana in his hand. Peel with your fingertips, like everyone else in the world, and silently, with the always-frozen look, displays the fruit clean and ready for consumption.

In another video, which garnered 271 million views, a young man, in another rocky maneuver, broke the handle of a cup to remove a mask of the type used in the epidemic it was hung on. My inhibitor He puts something like this on a table, gently pulls the mask to one side and places it on his face, without causing any damage to the mug in his home.

In a third post, with 181 million views, someone uses a plastic backing on a mission to separate two slices of pizza. They take off the two pieces and hold each other with his thumb and forefinger in one hand. Before the film A Woman doing lip fillers for a cost of 5,000 euros (about 32,000 Rials) invades the joke zone Collide By putting a picture of the same woman with a wasp on her upper lip and the words: “Wasp sting: real zero.” And so on.

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In the brighter periods of growth, Khaby It reached 20 million followers in three weeks. On May 22, it reached the 54.8 million mark and left behind to the homeowners’ page, the Tik TokWith 53.7 million. Then it took just six days to fly to 62.1 million.

Much of the success leaves the young man surprised, but still not generating the income he discovered could fit the blast in the gadget released for pure fun.

He admitted in a recent interview with the Italian newspaper, “Frankly, I did not expect this repercussion at all.” Corriere della Sera. “My goal is simply to entertain people. I realized that they liked my mood and my facial expressions, so I continued.”

Khaby He recently joined a marketing agency and intends to convert millions of followers into money and create projects on other social media platforms and networks. He wants to boost his parents financially, as he lives with them between school games, soccer and basketball in a popular housing project in Chivasu.

“It would be a dream to be able to help them. Like me, they didn’t expect all of this. They are amazed. I hope I continue like this.” At this rate, the dream will become a reality just as quickly as its indicators are doubled Tik Tok.