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Who is eligible for PIS/Pasep 2024?  Caixa starts payment this Monday (15)

Who is eligible for PIS/Pasep 2024? Caixa starts payment this Monday (15)

Caixa starts paying the amount PIS/Pasep allowance this Monday 15 March, for those born in the months of March and April. The total value of payments for this month will be 4 billion riyals.

Workers are entitled to PIS 2024 if:

  • Workers with a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022;
  • who received, on average, up to two minimum wages per month;
  • who have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years;
  • That they have data properly reported by the company they work for to RAIS or eSocial.

How to get PIS/Pasep 2024?

Anyone who has a Caixa current or savings account and is entitled to PIS/Pasep will already receive a credit in their account this Monday (15).

Others receive digital social savings or also withdraw using the social card and password at self-service terminals, lottery units, CAIXA Aqui correspondents or at CAIXA branches.

What is PIS/Pasep?

It is a salary bonus created by Law No. 7998/90 to assist workers. This salary bonus is equivalent to the value of at most one minimum wage, paid according to the annual calendar determined by Codefat to workers who meet the requirements stipulated in the law.

Payment funds come from the Workers' Support Fund (FAT).

The Social Integration Program (PIS) targets private sector workers, while Pasep (Public Employee Asset Building Program) targets public sector employees.

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