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White House says videos showing Biden ‘freezing’ are ‘fake’

White House says videos showing Biden ‘freezing’ are ‘fake’

According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the photos showing the US president absent are cheap fake news and bad faith.

White House spokeswoman, Karen Jean-PierreToday, Monday (June 17, 2024), it was reported that the videos in which United States President Joe Biden appear “freeze” they “forged”. According to her, that is “Fake, cheap and bad faith news”. However, he did not say what would be manipulated in the videos.

Sometimes, Jean-Pierre seems to become excited by the questions asked by journalists. She said she didn’t know that “It wasn’t dancing [problema] My mind”. Soon after, he corrected himself by saying that he had not known that not dancing was necessary “health problem”. Some American Republicans say that Biden faces mental illness.

Watch excerpts in which the White House spokeswoman repeats several times that the videos are fake (1 minute and 51 seconds):

In the interview, Jean-Pierre refers to recordings of the moments in which Biden committed the crime Slips During the celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the mistakes made by the Democrat during the meeting of leaders of the G7 (group of the 7 largest economies in the world).

In one of the videos recorded at the commemoration of the Normandy landings, the Democrat salutes French President Emmanuel Macron and then locks himself in a semi-squat position where he almost sits on a chair behind him.

Another recording from the same day shows the US President leaving the ceremony site hand in hand with First Lady Jill Biden, while Macron greets the military and veterans who participated in the event.

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Netizens reported that the Democrat was also “accompanied” By his wife.

At the G7 leaders’ meeting, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, “rescued” the President of the United States to return him to the group of powers present.

Another video shows Biden looking puzzled as he leaves the stage with other G7 leaders, including the French president and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.