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WhatsApp update: Learn how to send voice messages in one view

WhatsApp update: Learn how to send voice messages in one view

The technology behind the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has offered many advancements and features since its inception. The latest promises to revolutionize the world of digital communications, offering the option of single-view voice messages. But what exactly is this and how will it affect the way we use the app?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular communication tool in Brazil, and this addition is expected to bring major changes in the way the app is used. But what does this mean?

How to send single-view voice messages on WhatsApp?

To send single-view voice messages on WhatsApp, users must tap on the ‘1’ icon that appears while recording the voice message. When sent with View Once mode activated, neither the sender nor the recipient will be able to listen to the message after its initial playback.

The new functionality, which is currently in testing for iOS (iPhone) and Android, will provide an unprecedented option to send voice messages that can only be heard once. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? This alternative can allow information to be communicated without fear of its unwanted spread. It should be noted that the Single View Message option will not be able to be forwarded or saved by other users, as it is limited to the original recipient’s listening session.

How will this innovative function work?

Initially, the new single-view voice messaging function is only available in the beta version, that is, the trial version of the application. As this beta progresses, users will gradually be invited to try this new functionality. The single-view image option has been around for some time, making it easier for users to adapt to the voice messaging functionality.

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Why should I use this feature?

The big advantage of using the single-view voice messaging function is ensuring greater privacy. Imagine that you need to send a password, card number, or even an address, which is confidential information that requires a high degree of privacy. This is where the new functionality shines, allowing this data to be transferred securely and privately. When the message is recorded, an icon with the number “1” will appear. By clicking on it, the message will be sent in “view once” mode. It is worth noting that once you hear the message, you will not even be able to hear it again.

Given all these capabilities and changes in the way we communicate, the need to keep our data secure has become clear. This new function is another tool for this purpose. Be careful, be aware of potential threats and take advantage of the facilities that technology provides us, always avoiding unnecessary risks.