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WhatsApp is testing a new chat filter for contacts on iOS

WhatsApp is testing a new chat filter for contacts on iOS

Hey WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is always looking for improvements and new features to offer its users. The app recently started testing a new feature that promises to make conversations more organized: a filter for favorite contacts' conversations on iOS.

This new feature will allow users to find calls, messages and updates from their favorite contacts more quickly, providing a more practical and convenient experience.

More organization with the new filter for favorite contacts' conversations

The new feature that WhatsApp is testing consists of: Filter allows users to filter their conversations According to different categories including favorite contacts. This function will be especially useful for those users who have an extensive list of contacts and want to prioritize conversations with their favorite contacts.

Using the chat filter for favorite contacts, users will be able to quickly find messages and calls from these contacts without having to scroll through the entire chat list. This will speed up the connection process and make using the app more efficient.

How does the favorite contacts filter work in WhatsApp?

According to information obtained by the WABetaInfo portal, the new filter for favorite contacts is being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, distributed through TestFlight. The functionality is not yet active on iOS, as it is under internal development by the iOS team. WhatsApp. However, you can manually test this functionality by making modifications to the application code.

The Favorite Contacts filter will have five main categories: All, Unread, Contacts, Groups, and Favorites. By selecting the “Favorites” option, the user will only be able to view conversations with his or her favorite contacts, making it easier to find important messages and calls.

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This new organization will make the use of WhatsApp more personalized and adapted to the needs of each user.

Benefits of the new filter for favorite contacts on WhatsApp

Adding a filter to favorite contacts will bring many benefits to its users WhatsApp. In addition to making it easier to find messages and calls from important contacts, this function will also provide greater organization of conversations, making the application more practical and easier to use.

Using the Favorite Contacts filter, the user can prioritize their most important conversations, preventing messages and calls from less important contacts from getting lost among other conversations.

This will ensure more efficient communication and help with time management, especially for users who receive a large number of messages daily.

The ability to customize and modify favorite contacts

a Insert a filter for favorite contacts It also opens up possibilities for future customizations and modifications to WhatsApp. Through the Favorite Contacts category, the application will be able to offer special features to these contacts, such as treatment modes, different notifications, and other exclusive options.

This customization will allow each user to adapt the application to their individual preferences and needs. Furthermore, the functionality of favorite contacts can be expanded to include other categories, such as work contacts, close friends or family, providing a more personalized experience that adapts to each context of use.

More news on WhatsApp: Animated stickers and media quality

WhatsApp never stops innovating and offering new features to its users. In addition to the new filter for favorite contacts, the app is also testing other interesting features. Among them, animated stickers stand out, which will add more fun and expressiveness to conversations, and the option to send high-quality media by default, ensuring a better visual experience when sharing photos and videos.

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These new features, which have been added to the new favorite contacts filter, reinforce WhatsApp's commitment to providing a complete and satisfactory user experience to its users.

Furthermore it, WhatsApp is constantly looking for improvements and new features To make the application more practical and useful for its users. The new Favorite Contacts filter on iOS is further proof of this, offering a simple and effective way to find the most important conversations quickly and in an organized manner.

With this new functionality, WhatsApp provides a personalized experience that adapts to each user's preferences, making communication more efficient and making it easier to manage daily conversations.

Stay tuned for WhatsApp updates and enjoy all the new features the app has to offer!