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WhatsApp: 5 functions everyone wants to see in the app in 2023 |  social networks

WhatsApp: 5 functions everyone wants to see in the app in 2023 | social networks

the The WhatsApp Several news of the messenger in 2022 have been announced, including a possibility Remove online status, create polls and avatars, and reply to messages. For 2023, users are also expecting and desperately wanting new features – like editing already sent messages and folders for stickers, for example. Among the features, some have already been spotted in development, while others are just rumors. the TechAll I have compiled a list of five jobs everyone wants to see on WhatsApp in 2023. Check out what they are and what is known about them below.

WhatsApp: see five news that should hit the messenger in 2023 – Image: Rubens Achilles / TechTudo

The feature that messenger users have been waiting for for a long time will be a function for organizing the platform’s stickers into a folder. With the tool it will be possible to classify and separate the stickers in a custom way – making it easier to search when sending the perfect sticker in a conversation, for example.

In 2020, WhatsApp released a feature to simplify the search for stickers, but in practice, the function is not very useful. This is because it is unable to recognize labels, even searching for the file name. It is worth noting that the feature so far is just a rumor and has no release date.

Another much requested feature is the ability to activate Busy Mode in WhatsApp. The functionality could work in a similar way to the tool that was in the old MSN, where the user was able to signal other contacts when they weren’t online or wanted to avoid distractions – like spam conversations, for example.

Additionally, the tool could still have a temporary silencer for messaging conversations, which would disable WhatsApp notifications while Busy Mode is enabled. However, like the sticker folders, the functionality is also just rumor, with no release date.

With Busy Mode enabled, users can avoid unwanted conversations on WhatsApp – Image: Anna Killeen Paul/TechTudo

3. Edit already sent messages

The controversial function is present in many other messaging apps, such as the competitor cable, which has already had the resource since 2016. With the new functionality it will be possible to correct errors in Portuguese and add forgotten information even after it has already been sent. In other applications, the message is marked with a flag indicating that it was edited after sending.

An alternative widely used by users is to use an asterisk And resend the message with what you mean. OccupationIt was already expected last year

Many features have been added to the Meta program and make the user experience better on Android phones and iPhones (iOS); Check them all out


4 of 5 In 2023, WhatsApp should launch a feature for sending temporary messages that expire in the messenger – Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfo

In 2023, WhatsApp should launch a feature to send temporary messages that expire in the messenger – Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfo

5. Search for messages by date

In 2023, WhatsApp should also launch a function to make it easier to search for messages in chats. With this feature it will be possible to set a specific day to read the chat texts and, as far as we know, the function should also be available in groups.

5 of 5 New feature to search for messages of the day coming to WhatsApp soon – Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfo

A new feature to search for messages from today on WhatsApp will be available soon – Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfoWith information from WABetaInfo (1/two

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