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McCarthy meets the Taiwanese president in the United States

McCarthy meets the Taiwanese president in the United States

The mayor promised to deepen alliances with Taipei; China requested that the meeting not take place

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, and the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, met on Wednesday (April 5, 2023) even after China requested that the meeting not take place.

According to Beijing, the meeting will consolidate the imbalance in peace and stability in Taiwan and bring the Chinese people together. “against a common enemy”. Although the island has been governed independently since 1949, China considers it part of its territory as a breakaway province.

During the meeting, held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, McCarthy promised to deepen alliances between the United States and Taiwan.

“The friendship between the people of Taiwan and the United States is a matter of profound importance to the free world, and is essential to maintaining economic freedom, peace and regional stability.”said the Republican, according to The New York Times.

McCarthy Reporters The United States should continue arms sales to Taiwan and ensure that these sales reach Taiwan on time. We must also strengthen our economic cooperation, especially in the field of trade and technology.He said.

After the meeting, he thanked the Taiwanese-American president and the entire US Congress for their support. According to Tsai, the help helped “Reassure the people of Taiwan” They are not “isolated” no “Single”.

“In our efforts to protect our way of life, Taiwan is grateful to have the United States of America on our side as we confront the unique challenges of our time.”He said.

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The meeting between the authorities could exacerbate tension between the United States and China since then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited the Taiwan Strait on August 2, 2022. At the time, China said against the congressman’s visit to the island. In response, Beijing conducted military exercises in the region.

On Wednesday (April 5), the White House tried to distance itself from the matter. So was Tsai Ing-wen’s trip to the United States, spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters “the bathroom” that it “not official”.

There should be no overreaction from China […] There is no change in the One China policy. We’ve been very clear about that.” He said.