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What is the lineup of Corinth against Bahia?

What is the lineup of Corinth against Bahia?

With the return of believers to the standsCorinthians, Receiving Bahia at the Neo Química Arena, this Tuesday (5), 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), to the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship. Coming from a heroic tie, Sylvinho’s side enter the field in an effort to maintain a nine-game unbeaten streak, and for that, the squad is almost complete.

Finishing sixth in Brazil for seven rounds, Timão will finally get his fans going again, looking to climb the table in search of a G-4 and a spot for the 2022 Libertadores group stage. In the relegation zone, with just 23 points and a win in the last 12 games played.

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As for the fencing, coach Sylvinho has only missed twice and has already come from a few matches: Rooney, with a sprained ligament in his right knee, and Rowan Oliveira, who is undergoing a surgical revision to his left knee, is off a related list.

From the team that was playing, full-back Fábio Santos will be saved, making way for Lucas Piton. Cantelo played well while Gabriel was suspended and will be retained.

Corinthians vs Bahia is selected with: Cassius. Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Lucas Peyton; Cantello, Giuliano and Renato Augusto; Gabriel Pereira, Willian and Roger Geddes.

Among those, Cassio, Cantelo, Marquinhos and Joao Victor were suspended with two yellow cards each. If someone on the list is penalized, the team will be embezzled against Sport, on Saturday (9), in Ilha do Retiro.

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