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What happens if the statement is delivered late?

What happens if the statement is delivered late?

Last day of May! Yes, this is the deadline by which the taxpayer has to file his income tax return for 2023. Many Brazilians end up leaving this return at the last minute and missing the deadline. It is important to know that a citizen who does not submit information to the Revenue Service can face several problems, ranging from a fine to a CPF ban.

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In addition, taxpayers who fail to meet federal revenue deadlines may fall into the net of fines or even be investigated for crimes, such as Tax evasion currency evasion. The first is punishable by up to two years in prison, the second by up to six years.

IRPF 2023: Fines and Cases Pending

Anyone wishing to consult possible fines or pending issues related to income tax should access the e-CAC portal and go to the “My Income Tax” option. There you can watch Relays with the IRS. In the event of outstanding amounts, the invoice can be paid within 30 days after issuance.

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In cases where a citizen is late for the deadline of May 31, but wants to regularize the situation, it will be possible, from the Federal Revenue website or through the “My Income Tax” application, to organize very easily.

Handing over documents after the deadline implies a fine and interest for the delay. The minimum delay amount is R$165.74 for citizens who do not have to pay taxes. In the case of those who need to pay tax with federal revenue, the penalty is higher and starts at 1% per month on the tax due, but can go up to 20% of this amount, plus interest proportional to the Selic rate (13.75% per annum).

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CPF ban

It’s also important to remember that taxpayers who don’t file an income tax return on time may also have problems with their CPF. This is because if a citizen’s name is included in the media record of unpaid credits, the CPF will be listed as “settlement pending.”

In practice, the measure prevents access to finance, opening bank accounts, issuing a passport, obtaining a credit card, and enrolling in an educational institution. It is also not possible to hold public office.

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Finally, non-compliance with the deadlines for submitting a declaration may result in the taxpayer’s name going into the fine network of the Federal Revenue Service. In this way, he is investigated and may be required to give a statement and submit the required documents. In short, in these cases the penalty amounts to 75% of the tax difference caused by the omission. If fraud is found, the fine is 150%.


By not filing an income tax return, the person is also exercising a crime Omission of assets and income. In practice, a taxpayer may be investigated for tax evasion.

The penalty is up to two years imprisonment.