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What a “slash”, huh?  Figuereense was eliminated from the Catarense tournament

What a “slash”, huh? Figuereense was eliminated from the Catarense tournament

Figuerenense did not know how to manage patronage and favoritism and was excluded from Catarinense. The team lost the match: 3×1 and on penalties

Parra made history against Figueirense at Estadio Orlando Scarpelli – Photo: MB TV/Reproduction

Hey Figueirense He was the favorite and had every advantage to reach the semi-finals of the tournament State 2024. But this Friday night, the team was disappointed and was eliminated from the competition. In the first stage roadblock He entered a position aiming to upset Figueirense at home. Al-Sayad controlled the ball and opened the scoring after a powerful shot from Marcelinho. Foraso, in turn, tried to respond by counterattacking mainly from the right side, but he lacked the efficiency in shooting on goal to frighten the away team. On the way back to the dressing room, Camilo and Givinho entered. The match was balanced until Parra expanded, which made the match tense. In a penalty kick scored in the last minute of the match, Camilo scored the goal that seemed to weaken Figueirense's crossbar. It seems. There was still time to score the third goal for the visitors, so the match would go to penalty kicks. In the final shootout, Alisson missed the final penalty of the series against a Balerio Camporio side who celebrated in the Scarpelli and created a night of history.

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