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Analysis: Atlético-MG has a night of transgressions and builds a victory for technical intelligence in the offensive system |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: Atlético-MG has a night of transgressions and builds a victory for technical intelligence in the offensive system | Athlete – mg

Atlético-MG responded to the need for improvement in the Brazilians with a tangible victory over Atlético-GO. The 4-1 result proved the lack of important players for the team in the previous rounds. With Savarino and Nacho, another rooster attacks the dragon at Mineirão. The ultimate balance is the balance between positivity and praise, as well as for the pieces that overcame obstacles and joined in the good team performance of the team.

The Atlético-GO defense was the highlight of Serie A. Seven’s matches with three conceding goals. In the first half, the number of goals against. Gallo pressed and stole the ball up front and inspired Layali Matias Zaracho and Nacho Fernandez in serve. For those who entered the field without a left-back, Cuca hit the lineup with Tchê Tchê, the wild card. Good at pointing the ball in and out.

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On the other hand, Mariano earned Goga’s status and was one of the best players on the field. Help mark, cross and steal base balls to create attacks. Shots that didn’t come against Chapecoense, Ciara and Santos found a fatal fate against Atlético-Go, although, especially in the second half, in a thirst for killing Hulk’s speed, Gallo could have killed the game sooner.

Nacho celebrates a goal for Atlético-MG – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

Atlético-GO went into the end of the first half to drop to 3-1 in a bad luck move from Atletico’s defence, criticized heavily and, despite having some apprehensions, had a safe night from Iverson. The goalkeeper, who is blamed for defeating Ciara rightly, knows the position takes you from hell to heaven. Complex defenses at close range for peace of mind.

Praising Nacho Fernandez is like rain in the wet. And I think there have been four games outside the club, one for the flu and three for Covid. The last move of the match, Atletico’s fourth goal, sums up what was seen in Mineiro. Matthias Zaracho retrieves the ball from the wagon (a full midfielder, disarms, creates and finishes – but needs rhythm) and Chi Chi, a pure delivery, gives Hulk the pass to the table with Heoran and gives Nacho a millimeter pass for Nacho to hit the corner.

Atlético-MG team – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

The victory of hope and comfort for the time being, to enter Atletico in July of pure adrenaline, with matches for the Brazilian Boca Juniors in Libertadores, Bahia in Copa do Brasil (back on August 4). Other players will keep coming back, from the Copa America, from the DM, and coach Coca confirms it’s a team under construction.

Fluctuations will happen, not because getting lost is a bad thing. And not because he won so well, Gallo would be the champion of it all. Atlético consciously played collectively, occupying spaces, exchanging fast passes, and still had the weight to develop, for example, making Iverson’s beautiful white uniform clean at the final whistle.

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