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Waven: an accessible tactical RPG full of color and depth |  preview

Waven: an accessible tactical RPG full of color and depth | preview

the game wiffen It is a multiplayer tactical RPG developed and published by Ankama Games, the company behind MMO Dofus and Wakfu. In fact, the new title is set in the same universe as the other two.

Right now, the game is in beta, to show a portion of what it can offer. TudoCelular has had access to the tests for the past few days and tells you what to expect from them, in this preview.


wiffen It takes place in a world that has undergone a massive upheaval, resulting in a flood that swallowed up most of the Earth. Only a few islands managed to survive after the natural disaster.

As a result, the survivors decided to establish new cities and social organizations on each island. The objective of the game is to explore locations to discover information about what happened to generate the crash.

A positive feature here in terms of history and setting is the presence of Portuguese localization. This means that the menus and subheadings have, since this testing period, already been adapted to the Brazilian language. Something that will certainly contribute to identifying local players.

Turn-based combat

One of the main features of wiffen It consists of the most dynamic gameplay, while providing depth in the possible variations. It operates through movement on the map, with a series of battles spread across the islands.

The battles take place in the classic turn-based format, on a kind of boards, where you need to walk to get to the enemies, protect some items from rival attacks and use your basic attacks or skills to defeat opponents.

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This mechanic results in the need to use strategy to win your battles. Each turn, the player has action points to unlock his specials. Thus, you can choose to use a more advanced one that spends a higher score, or save to attack more than once before closing the turn.

Characters have classes that vary depending on the type of combat chosen. Among other things, you can choose the warrior, if you prefer direct sword fighting; Killer, if you prefer to set up traps; Archer, focus on ranged damage.

Over time, you can build custom decks with different equipment, companions, and skills, depending on what you think is best for your battles. Here, too, is another point where strategy will have a big impact.

Our testing was done on the PC version, but there is also mobile availability. We noticed that the command style is more suitable for mobile phones than for computers. This is due to the controls on the screen touches Allows greater agility than a mouse.

Beautiful sight

In the graphic part, we had a pleasant surprise. The pictures are in a cartoon style, as if each hand-drawn. The scenarios are full of color and beautiful pictures. It is clearly possible to notice the dedication with which each and every item has been developed.

With each hit, bright effects appear, which also please and give additional magic during battles. Special powers are another moments that generate animation with a good graphic level.

Another important detail is that the game does not require heavy machinery. You can enjoy it in “HD” quality even with integrated graphics. Only the “Ultra” option flows better with a dedicated card.

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Final considerations

Generally, wiffen Offers a good experience in proposing. It offers a very dynamic tactical RPG, with a well-explained and easy-to-understand storyline. Turn-based gameplay and deck mechanics contribute to the creation of strategies, which become the main attraction of the game.

The graphics are also satisfactory. The textures are developed in high quality, in hand-drawn-like strokes, with effects and animations that give more impact to the player’s satisfaction. All this without the need for a major PC configuration.

For the future, we expect improved PC controls and more classes and decks to provide more depth and variation. for being an option Free to playdeserves the attention of anyone who wants a really free to enjoy it, whether on their mobile phone or on their computer.

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wiffen It is scheduled to be released in 2023, and it still has no exact date. It will be available for Windows, Android and iOS.

So, what are your expectations for the new tactical RPG from the French studio? Tell us in the space below.

* We would like to thank Theogames for submitting a copy of the game to TudoCelular for this preview!