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Watch how countries celebrated the coming of the new year

Watch how countries celebrated the coming of the new year

While Brazilians are still preparing for New Year's celebrations, 2024 has arrived early in some parts of the world. Countries in the Asia-Pacific region were the first to celebrate it because of the International Date Line, the pattern that marks the changing of days. But little by little, fires began to dominate the skies of Europe and Africa, until they reached South America.

Cities in Australia, Japan and Indonesia, among others, said goodbye to 2023 first, with various traditions and celebrations with lights and fireworks.

In the photo gallery above, see some of the celebrations of the arrival of the year 2024 around the world.

In Australia, people welcomed 2024 with fireworks displays, including the famous display held at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

New Zealand
New Zealand also held a fireworks display to celebrate the New Year. The exhibition was held at the top of the Sky Tower in Auckland.

In Japan, residents gathered for a countdown event to the arrival of 2024 in southern Tokyo. At Zojoji Buddhist Temple, people rang a giant bell to celebrate the new year.

To celebrate the New Year in Indonesia, people gather to watch light shows and fireworks.

South Korea
In South Korea, residents took to the streets. At the Busingak Pavilion in Seoul, an annual bell-ringing ceremony was held to celebrate the arrival of the year 2024.

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