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Want Instagram from iPhone on your Android device?  See how you do it!

Want Instagram from iPhone on your Android device? See how you do it!

If you are an Android device user but always wanted to experience the features and look of Instagram as if you were using a device iPhoneThere is a way to achieve this.

Although the versions of Instagram for Android and iOS are quite similar in terms of basic features, the iOS version offers some extras that can be very attractive, such as customizing themes, different privacy options, exclusive emojis, better image quality, and even the option to download content directly from the app. .

How to get Instagram from iPhone on Android?

The solution to transform your Instagram experience on Android into something more iOS-like involves using Modified applications. Created by independent developers, these apps are based on Instagram's native code and offer features typical or exclusive to the iOS version.

Installation steps

To install these modified apps on your Android device, you will need to resort to APK files, which are the installation packages used in the Android operating system. It's important to note that these modified versions of Instagram are not available on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to look for third-party websites or cloud storage services.

Among the best known modified versions are the options: InstagramPro, Instander, and Instafollow. They promise to bring a user experience to your Android device closer to that offered by Instagram on iOS, including a series of improvements and additional features.

Security alarm

Despite the attractions, it is worth being careful. Modified apps do not follow your security guidelines Googlewhich can put both your device's security and Privacy of your data. By choosing to use these modified applications, you risk compromising your Instagram account information and the safety of your smartphone.

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