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Vítor Pereira sees Flamengo’s development and assesses Gabigol’s situation

Vítor Pereira sees Flamengo’s development and assesses Gabigol’s situation

after Flamengo won 2-0 against FluminenseAnd In the first leg of the Carioca tournament final, Vitor Pereira took stock of the team’s positive points after a two-week period without matches. The coach has seen development in Rubro-Negro, though he acknowledges that his team is expected to have more control.

The match against Fluminense always has this characteristic. Fluminense plays a ball game, which does not mean progress. It’s their game. We’re going to get more from the ball, and that’s what we want. It’s not about the system, it’s about the players. If we play with the aim of being aggressive in the transition, with stronger players attacking the spaces, we have less ball. It’s about the players in the system – said Vitor Pereira, before continuing:

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The important thing is that the team knew how to defend by pressing higher and lower, and that was something we had to develop. He added that the evolution should be towards being more dominant.

Another highlight of Fla-Flu is the presence of Gabigol among the reserves. The coach confirmed that he had a conversation with the number 10 and explained the decision.

– First of all, Gabi is a key player for us. team captain. I rely on it a lot, and I have no doubts about the quality.

– We understood that, even due to the characteristics of the opponent, we needed a vertical at the time of the strongest pressing and at the time of winning the ball. Gabi had a few days off, I understood that for 15 days we worked well in the game, with Cipolla and France, important players and that’s what I decided.

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Performed by Ayrton Lucas

“I can highlight individually, there is no doubt that Ayrton played a great game, but the team as a whole was consistent. I knew exactly what to do against a tough opponent, they knew how to exploit their weaknesses. So did we. But I think it was a consistent match.” Of all the players. We’re half-time in the final and we’ve got one more game to play.”

Entry and return of Felipe Luis

“Felipe Luis gives us peace of mind with the ball and experience without the ball. He’s a defender who can play in his position. I like that. I never said I’d always play with three defenders. We can play full-backs and we can play with the wings. It will depend on the game, on what We need him. He gave us peace of mind. He and the others who entered. He thought we would go in more firmly, then the players who give us more of the ball, more calm.”