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Vinicius Junior can catch up with Mario and Neymar in the list of top scorers in El Clasico

Vinicius Junior can catch up with Mario and Neymar in the list of top scorers in El Clasico

The Real Madrid striker may enter the El Clasico list of the best scorers in Brazil

With seven goals and three assists in just 11 games, Vinicius Junior is the best season of his career and the most goal-scoring phase since his arrival in Spain in 2018. The attacker is one of the greatest weapons real Madrid NS classic Next Sunday (24) vs. Barcelona, at Camp Nou, by the league, at 11:15 a.m., with broadcast live NS ESPN No Star +.

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If he balances the net in the match, Vinicius will enter the list of the ten Brazilians who have scored the most goals in the main classic match of Spanish football.

Viennese’s only goal in the contender was in March 2020, Meringue’s 2-0 victory at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Names like Neymar and Romario have only two more goals than the former Flamengo striker.

Watch Brazil’s top 10 scorers in El Clasico:

Evaristo de Macedo – 6 goals

Although he played for both opponents, the former striker scored all the goals in the derby when he wore the Barcelona shirt he defended from 1957 to 1962. The most famous of these was in the Champions League (the current Champions League) in 1960, when Barcelona eliminated the opponent, Who was the current champion four times.

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Ronaldo Phenomeno – 6 goals

Ronaldo played only one season in Barcelona (1996-1997), but it was enough to score 47 goals (two of them at Real Madrid). In 2002, when he returned to Spain to defend the Meringue team for four and a half seasons, he hit the net four more times in the derby.

Ronaldinho Gaucho – 5 goals

The game most remembered for Ronaldinho’s amazing tenure at Barcelona was the derby against Real at the Bernabeu in 2005. In the Catalan win 3-0, the Brazilian scored two goals and was applauded by the rival fans. The most beautiful move of the match was the third goal, when the number 10 shirt passed through the entire defense, leaving Sergio Ramos on the ground and touching when Casillas was gone.

Giovanni – 5 joules

Maestro Santos In the 1990s, the midfielder went to Barcelona and played alongside players like Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Decisive in the 1998 La Liga title, the player made his mark against Real – who would be the season’s champions that season – in a 3-0 win at the Camp Nou.

Rivaldo – 5 goals

Named FIFA World Player of the Year in 1999 by Barcelona, ​​Rivaldo marked an era in Spain. This year, he scored a superb goal at the Camp Nou against Real after controlling a “kettle” shot from above the air, passing through two markers on the edge of the area, and hitting a cross into the goalkeeper’s right corner.

Romario – 3 goals

The striker played only a year and a half in Barcelona, ​​but the impressive performance against Real was immortalized by Collet fans. In the 1993/94 season, Romario starred by scoring three goals against his opponent at the Camp Nou in La Liga. Months later, he won the World Cup with the Brazilian national team and finished the year as the world’s best player in the FIFA award.

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Neymar – 3 goals

In four seasons in Barcelona, ​​​​Neymar scored several victories against his rival. He had a celebratory performance against Cristiano Ronaldo Real in the 2015/2016 season in La Liga in the Catalan win 4-0, in the center of the Santiago Bernabeu. The striker scored a goal and provided assists.

Roberto Carlos – 2 goals

His powerful shot, the left-back was one of the greatest players in Real Madrid’s history and one of the most winning players of all time. He used to swing the net, and the Brazilian scored a free kick from almost 40 meters in Barcelona in a match valid for La Liga, in 2000.

Marcelo – 2 goals

Marcelo, the heir to Roberto Carlos at Real Madrid, is known for his extraordinary abilities. The left-back scored two goals against his biggest rival.

Sonny Anderson – 2 goals

Sony spent only two seasons in Barcelona, ​​but won the Spanish League twice and made his mark twice against Real. The first of them was in a 3-0 win in a duel valid for Espanyol (1997/98), when he completed a cross from Rivaldo. The second was a 2-2 draw in the 1998/1999 season.