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Video: Watch the volcano erupting in Japan |  Globalism

Video: Watch the volcano erupting in Japan | Globalism

Monte Aso volcano, in Japan, erupted on Wednesday (20), and the government warned of the danger of lava flows and falling stones. Currently, the volcano has thrown ash. There is no news that anyone has been injured.

Ash reached a height of 3.5 kilometers at the time of the eruption, at 11:43 am in Japan (23:43 GMT). Information from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

An aerial view of the active Monte Aso volcano on October 20, 2021 – Photo: Kyodo / via Reuters

Mount Aso is a tourist attraction on the island of Kyushu.

The volcano’s alert level has been raised to 3 (the maximum is 5). The agency asked people not to approach, and warned of the danger of sliding rocks as a result of the explosion.

Police said there were no reports of an injury to the volcano – 16 people went to the mountain for a walk in the morning and came back safe and sound.

Television networks show images of an ash cloud over the volcano.

Photo of Monte Aso volcano, Japan, in action, October 20, 2021 – Photo: Kyodo / Reuters

The weather agency said there should be a “rain” of ash in the area by the end of the afternoon.

Mount Aso experienced a minor eruption in 2019. The worst volcanic disaster in Japan occurred in September 2014, when Mount Ontake erupted and killed 63 people.

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