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A woman says she lost R $ 65,000 in less than 24 hours

A resident of Luziânia, some 200 kilometers from Goiânia (GO), reported that he was the victim of a coup via the Pix, losing 65,000 Rials in less than 24 hours.

Vivian Honorato, 30, told Anhanguera TV that she intended to enter a property with the money saved in her bank account, but was surprised to find a balance of only R $ 0.58.

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“I don’t know if it was my phone that was cloned, I’m afraid to use it, I’m going to change the passwords for other banks, I’m going to change my password, and I’m going to change everything,” Honorato told TV Globo subsidiary, which has identified 13 different destinations for the amount that has been spent. Pay vouchers and credit cards, as well as transfers.

I had no basis when I saw that so many Pixels were made and I saw that none of the names were known, more than 13 pixels were made with unknown names, ”he said.

A Louisiana resident also stated that she did not transfer her data to third parties.

According to representative Samia Nolito in a TV interview, the number of cyber crimes has increased after the emergence of the Pix transfer method, but it is possible to avoid fraud or act upon application.

Vivian says she made R $ 65k a day before watching a cell phone screen like this - clone / Anhanguera TV - clone / Anhanguera TV

Vivian says she earned R $ 65,000 a day before seeing her cell phone screen like this

Photo: Playback / Anhanguera TV

“You can register your cell phone number to receive an SMS containing information about the transfers that took place online and in real time. You will receive it as soon as the transfer is made. So that you can contact the bank and object to the transaction,” the representative directs in an interview with the local TV.

The Federal Revenue Service and the State Attorney’s Office investigate cases. Honorato has stabbed his bank and is awaiting investigation into the case.

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