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Vasco gets loan from Sarrafiore sock from Internacional - 20/05/2021

Vasco gets loan from Sarrafiore sock from Internacional – 20/05/2021

Still a file Basque The settlement was referred on loan from 23-year-old midfielder Martin Sarafiori, international. The Argentine is expected to arrive in Rio de Janeiro for medical checks and sign the contract until December of this year.

Sarrafiore opposed another Brazilian championship for Curitiba I borrowed, I borrowed. There were 16 matches and goals for Parana, which was demoted. Back in Colorado, he’s not in coach Miguel Angel Ramirez’s plans. He had previously turned down a loan offer from Brasil de Pelotas and the CRB.

The young man appeared prominently in the main sections of the football Argentine representation of Horacan. In 2018, after drawing attention in the dispute over the RS Cup – the Under-20 Class Championship – he pre-signed a contract with Internacional, which upset his former club, who went to FIFA to notify Colorado, but did nothing.

In response, he was absent for six months until he introduced himself to Inter, where he initially underwent a muscle-strengthening process until he acted. But at Beira Río, the attacking midfielder was unable to take off, despite everyone seeing him internally as having potential. There, there were 57 matches and ten goals.

A busy week is not Basque

Vasco has had a very hectic week in terms of arrivals, departures and accommodations. In addition to hiring Sarrafiore, the club has exercised options to purchase socks Matthias Gallarza And MT. On the other hand, he signed the contract termination with left back Henrique, midfielder Marcus Jr.and midfielder Carlinhos together. Additionally, she announced a release Talles Magno sold to New York City (USA) Amounts that could reach 63 million Brazilian reals.

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