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Valorant Mobile announced by Riot Games |  brave

Valorant Mobile announced by Riot Games | brave

As celebrations begin for the first anniversary of its launch, Riot Games has announced that it is developing a mobile version of valuation. Oddly enough, the advertisement was “punctured” by foreign cars, and it has not yet appeared on the company’s official networks. to me ribbed e DexterThere’s no release date for Valorant Mobile yet, and it’s expected to be in the oven for more than a year.

Phoenix, Valorant character – Photo: clone

The information about the launch of a mobile game came along with an amazing monthly player base: Valorant has 14 million active players every month. By comparison, CS:GO had 26.9 million players in May 2021.

In an interview with Polygon, Executive Producer Anna Donlon told more about the challenges of bringing a tactical shooter to mobile phones:

We didn’t start with ‘Let’s make Valorant mobile.’ We started with ‘Can we make Valorant mobile?’ And a lot of skepticism. In our opinion, everything you play on PC should play Valorant on mobile, but we have to realize that A mobile operator is different,” Donlon said.

It also says Riot’s intent is not to move the public from PC to mobile, ensuring the developer remains committed to keeping the PC version level there. Likewise, the plan is for the mobile version to perform very well.

Donlon also discussed a possible console release, but didn’t give much hope:

– The console is straightforward for FPS, isn’t it? But this type of game, a tactical shooter, is not easy on the console. It’s not easy to have the same level of competitive integrity on a platform where control is fighting you in this regard. We just don’t want that […] Therefore, we realized that bringing it to the mobile phone will be faster and easier – said the producer.

Finally, Donlon didn’t provide an exact launch window for Valorant Mobile, only stating that it should appear during Valorant’s “second year.”

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