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Use these four powerful words to open doors and grow your career

Use these four powerful words to open doors and grow your career

Words have power and can help a person get many benefits during his life. In fact, who is looking to get a file successful career Need to learn how to communicate and communicate with others. Very simple phrases can open many doors and help a lot in different situations. Learn some power words today to unlock your life.

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Power words help open doors

Many experts in human development and entrepreneurship say that the way a person communicates is essential to a successful career. The image that others form of you depends largely on your words.

To be aware, a simple sentence is crucial for someone to pay attention to you or empathize with your way of being. From there, some relationships develop to the point that they become marriages, for example. The beginning was a sentence with a few words in its composition.

“Can I ask for advice?”

Columnist Francisco García Pimentel made a suggestion with a powerful phrase for Pequenas Empresas magazine, Grandes Negócios. According to him, four magic words are capable of producing tremendous feats.

It is enough for the person to say to the other: “Can I ask for advice”? The question is very simple, but full of meaning.

Everyone likes to feel useful in the face of difficulties. If an act from you is able to help another person, the feeling of satisfaction appears almost immediately. Asking someone for advice is made up of power words.

Its effect is called the “Ben Franklin effect”. This theory states that when you ask for a favor, other people’s perception of you instantly changes. In addition, a brief intimacy is pre-established after the good deed is taken.

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However, always ask for some advice on something really useful. These powerful words will help you move forward in life.