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USA x United Kingdom – Metro World News Brazil

USA x United Kingdom – Metro World News Brazil

“US McDonald's: Speed ​​and Flavors”. While trying McDonald's in America, Michael evaluated the Chicken McNuggets, Big Mac and Fillet-o-Fish. Quick service, only four minutes to prepare food. Nuggets scored 4.2 Ris, but the fish burger scored 2.7. Big Mac is unique with 7.5 Ris points.

“McDonald's UK: British Surprises and Flavors”. In England, Michael was impressed by the size and occupancy of the restaurant. However, I encountered confusion when reviewing the menu. Despite the uncertainty, he tried the Chicken Select (8.3 points), the Philly Cheese Stack (8.9 points) and the Big Mac (6.9 points). Despite the setbacks, McDonald's UK was deemed the overall winner.

Britons celebrate McDonald's UK success in comments Some pointed out that although the US served larger portions, the British taste was superior. Others, though they were in America, agreed that British Mackies could do better than the originals.

Surprising result

Michael's experiment shows that while McDonald's is known for its global consistency, individual preferences and regional twists can be surprising. The result is clear: taste and experience transcend uniformity and bring a unique touch to classic fast food.

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