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US Congress holds 1st hearing in Biden impeachment inquiry

US Congress holds 1st hearing in Biden impeachment inquiry

The White House said Republicans are conducting the investigation to distract attention from the crisis the country is facing (Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP)

This Thursday (28), the first Republican hearing to investigate the impeachment of US President Joe Biden began in the US Congress. Republican House of Representatives Representative James Comer, chairman of the Oversight Committee, announced in his opening remarks that congressmen have “substantial evidence” to prove that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, “abused the public office of the current president to obtain financial gains.” For his family.”

Republicans say that’s the purpose of the investigation when they present their arguments to voters. The opposition accuses the Democrat of ‘lying’ to the American public about his son’s overseas business, and despite key witnesses in the case saying they haven’t yet, Joe Biden is determined to try to prove they say they have ties to Hunter’s business. Found concrete evidence of offenses subject to dismissal.

The hearing comes days before a possible government shutdown and faces stiff opposition in the Senate from House Republicans who worry about the political ramifications of impeachment, arguing that impeachment and impeachment would be nearly impossible. Democrats displayed a dashboard showing the days, hours and minutes remaining until the government shutdown as Congress sought to find a bipartisan compromise to fund the operation of public services before Saturday’s deadline. “We have 62 hours to shut down the US government and Republicans are launching an impeachment campaign based on a long-debunked and discredited lie,” said Jamie Raskin, a Democratic congressman, questioning the legitimacy of today’s hearing. Yet the ‘impeachment’ process was voted on formally.

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Today’s hearing will not include witnesses with information about the Biden family or Hunter Biden’s business operations, but the panel heard testimony from outside experts in tax law, criminal investigations and constitutional theory. The investigation process takes place in two stages. First, the House of Representatives voted with a simple majority on the articles of impeachment detailing the facts against the president. If impeachment is sustained, the Senate, the upper house of Congress, will try the president. However, if it reaches this point, Biden is more likely to be acquitted because his party has a majority in this chamber.

The Trump wing of the Republican Party has been calling for months to impeach Joe Biden, with Hunter as the main target, accusing him of making questionable deals in Ukraine and China. – The President. Barack Obama’s presidency (2009-2017) therefore capitalizes on the name, connections and influence of the Democratic Party.

The White House said Republicans are conducting the investigation to divert attention from the crisis facing the country because of Congress’s inability to pass a budget. “It’s crazy,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.


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