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“Unleashed”: Susana Pires launches book in the US

“Unleashed”: Susana Pires launches book in the US

Actress and screenwriter Susana Pires, 47 years old, will name the 33rd library of the Favelvro project, which will be inaugurated on Saturday (7), in the Complexo d'Andaray. With a collection of 1,500 books, all the result of donations, this will be the first community library in Andarai, in the northern region of Rio.

Susanna was chosen by a group of area women and the actress will be present at the opening of the space starting at 11 am. Susanna is the founder of the Donna C Institute, a vehicle to support female talent in all sectors of the economy. In 2022, she released her first book, Donna DC: The Woman Who Makes It Happen's Guide.

Susana Pires has been living between Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro since the beginning of 2022. She has been hired by a studio there to write the script for the series. He modified another work.

Susana Pires (Photo: Reproduction/Disclosure)

Last year, the book “Dona de Si” was launched in Brazil. Recently, the English version, called “Unleashed,” hit American shelves. The introduction was written by none other than actress Sharon Stone, whom Susannah described as one of the most intelligent women in Hollywood. “I was in shock!” “It took me a week to believe that she had agreed to write this introduction,” the actress reveals.

Soon Susanna will dive into a new project. Recording of the feature film “Câncer com Ascendente em Pisces” written by and starring her, which tells the story of a highly sensitive woman who discovers breast cancer.

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