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UK to build satellite to monitor climate change

UK to build satellite to monitor climate change

The UK Space Agency has announced plans to build a new satellite to monitor climate change.

As Sky News reports, the United Kingdom wants to build a new satellite that will help scientists monitor climate change and natural disasters.

The equipment, developed and funded by the country, will provide "valuable and regularly updated data" about the Earth and help detect, monitor and reduce the risk of natural disasters.

The UK Space Agency is providing £3m for a new reference satellite. Open CosmosLocated at Harwell Space Complex in Oxfordshire.

In this way, the country will join Portugal and Spain in the Atlantic Constellation project, which plans a group of satellites to observe the Earth.

Earth observation will play an absolutely vital role in responding to global challenges such as climate change and disaster relief, supporting key UK sectors such as agriculture and energy while providing us with the data we need quickly.

Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology Andrew Griffith said, "By working with Open Cosmos on a new satellite and supporting our Atlantic partners Spain and Portugal, we can use space technology for our common goals."

In Griffith's view, the scheme will simultaneously create new skills and jobs for the future to "grow the UK economy".

The announcement was made on the opening day of the United Kingdom Space Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from November 21 to 23.

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