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UK says Russia faces deficit and ‘crisis’ in Ukraine

British military intelligence says Russia faces a shortage of manpower and a dilemma: trying to continue attacks in the Donbass or prevent Ukrainian counterattacks in other regions of the country’s invasion, which officially began on February 24, and the problem is likely to become increasingly serious. Additionally, according to the British military, Russia faces a dilemma between launching offensives in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region or deploying troops to deter Ukrainian counterattacks elsewhere. “Russian strategists are faced with a dilemma between dealing with a severe shortage of personnel and sending reserves to the Donbass or fending off a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the southwestern part of Kherson,” the UK Ministry of Defense said in a statement. Twitter. Russia continues to deploy nominally six different forces in the Donbass, according to the source, whose total strength, before the invasion, was 150,000 soldiers. In recent weeks, the country has been operating with company-sized teams of about 100 troops in separate attacks in each sector. British intelligence also highlighted that at this time it was clear that the main Russian objective was to annex the entire Donetsk region, which is part of the Donbass, with Luhansk. However, even if Russia achieves new territorial gains, unless there is a significant operational pause to regroup and redeploy troops, its operational speed and pace of progress will be very slow. gb/av (Reuters, OTS)

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