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UK Freedom School Samba celebrates 42 years

UK Freedom School Samba celebrates 42 years

Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Unido da Liberdade is about to celebrate its 42nd anniversary, and preparations for the big party, which will take place next Monday (4), the day before the holiday, from 8 p.m., are already well underway.

Founded in 1981, Reno da Liberdade quickly established itself as one of the premier groups of the Amazonian Carnival, becoming a stage for innovations, catchy rhythm and samba music that has defined generations. The legacy built over these four decades is a source of pride for its members and the community.

In this special celebration, the school promises a night full of nostalgia and remembering special moments in its history.

The concert will include performances by sections of the school, the bassistas, the pianas, the mastersalas and the flag bearers, plus of course the powerful drums, which promise to leave no one standing still. During the ceremony, the “Angry Court” will be presented and also the official art of the plot – the mothers.

“This is a time for gratitude. We look back and see a rich history of overcoming, achievements and a lot of passion. But we also look to the future, with a commitment to keeping the flame of samba and the essence of our school alive,” said President Rangel Magalhães.

In addition to displaying the school’s sectors, the concert features performances by Grupo Estrellas, Arlindo Neto and Pepe Moral. Admission is free, but for those who want to enjoy the party more comfortably, tables cost just R$20 for four people. Information by calling 99617-6862 or 98552-8287.

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