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The hero of ‘BBB 24’, Davi Brito, is building a luxury mansion in Bahia

The hero of ‘BBB 24’, Davi Brito, is building a luxury mansion in Bahia

Davi Brito showed off the start of the business on social media

This is Tuesday the 11th of this month David Brito He showed his fans that he has already started to make his dreams come true with the R$2.92 million he won BP24 (Earth). The Bahians are building a palace in Bahia.

David Brito

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay/Mis Novella

On Instagram Stories, the former app driver showed the progress of the work.

“I’m building my house from scratch. I want everything to be planned and organized, and to know where every plant is. I’m a Virgo (laughs). I’ve already started projects. This is what I’ve already spent on myself.” He told the newspaper additional.

Although the details of the property have not been revealed, what is known is that the house is built in a gated community. In the photos, you can see that the facade of the house and the gourmet area are well developed.

“I want to continue living in Bahia. I will not give up. Anyone born here will not leave it. There are a lot of good things to live and enjoy here. Davi also uses part of the prize to invest in other projects. Rental properties as well as dividing the money into other financial investments “. He said.

“I decided to first invest money to get a base and grow little by little, with planning.”he added.


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