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U.S. lawmakers are seeking to take control of China

Written by Patricia Zengerley and Michael Martina

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After weeks of negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, U.S. lawmakers hope Wednesday that a comprehensive law to increase the country’s ability to react against China will be advanced by a Senate committee.

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to discuss the “Strategic Competitiveness Act of 2021” and to send amendments to the Senate to vote before considering the amendments.

“We are very pleased with the consensus between the two sides on this legislation and the more comprehensive approach to China and the Indo-Pacific region,” a Democratic aide in Congress told reporters at a conference call on Tuesday.

The 280-page plan, first announced by Reuters on April 8, is about economic rivalry with China, but also about imposing sanctions on the treatment of Uyghur Muslim minorities and humanitarian and democratic values. Support for democracy in Hong Kong.

Team members submitted about 150 amendments, the aide said.

The bill is part of a swift effort by Senate Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer in February to enact broad-based legislation to combat China.

“It is very important to have the legal framework embedded, durable and long lasting, especially if you are looking at the competition we can imagine with the People’s Republic of China in the years to come and for decades to come,” the aide said.

The move also provides resources worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which still need to be addressed.

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