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Turn off enemy Xbox using voice control

Turn off enemy Xbox using voice control

Xbox Series consoles allow for voice control when connected to technologies like Cortana and Alexa, which could allow you to use features like proximity chat in Call of Duty games in completely unexpected ways.

In a hilarious moment, streamer John Schaefer manages to get rid of an approaching enemy by trying an unexpected trick. Schaefer decided to say “Xbox has locked you out” and after we heard his voice echo on the opponent’s stereo, he left the game. As you would expect, it has already been talked about and there is no shortage of people trying to do the same.

The authenticity of this moment can be questioned, but many say that they have already tried and achieved the same effect. In addition, it is possible to hear the echo of Schaefer’s voice even before the enemy leaves the game.

This feature can be turned off for those who don’t want to hear about enemies in Call of Duty multiplayer games, but what is certain is that it led to several cartoonish moments.

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