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Tura tells behind the scenes of Filipao’s departure and reveals that “everything changed” in 3 hours

Tura tells behind the scenes of Filipao’s departure and reveals that “everything changed” in 3 hours

ESPN.com.brJun 19, 2023, 22:08Reading: two minutes.

Coach Paulo Tora during the Atletico-PR match in the 2023 Brazilian ChampionshipGabriel Machado/Getty Images

Paulo Tora has been released from Club Atlético PR after Head coach Filipao leaves Arena da Baixada for Atlético-MG. In an interview with sportvsaid the former Hurricane captain behind the scenes of Hurricane’s turbulent week.

According to Tora, everything happened quickly and took everyone by surprise. Still at the interview, tell what he heard from him Alexander MatosCEO of Atletico Public RelationsHe admitted being surprised by the decision.

“So, for me, as a coach, I left through the front door, with my head held high. It happened in 3 hours. We had lunch, Professor (Filipao) and I, in CT, and then Professor went to his room, when I was in my office, he called me and told me he had He agreed with Atlético-MG. He asked me if I wanted to become an assistant, and I thanked him, but I said that I would stay at Athletico-PR, we were in three competitions and I said: we will be champions in one. He congratulated me and wished me good luck.

“Actually, I didn’t have time to think about it (that I could leave from the moment Filipao left). I was surprised. When I got the call from Matos, I realized that this is what happened. He (Matos) said: Paulo, I’m calling to talk, putting the matter into His context, saying that I was part of the Filipao project.(Filipao) referred me, before the boss, because he was part of the project, Filipao left, he will leave.

“I can’t talk about revenge, it’s part of the context. I really respect Atlético’s position, the organizing club, the amazing people. The revenge is strong. When I arrived with Filipao, automatically when the master left to go to a competitor, the club he thought, because I was with him, must To go too (to leave). I have no regrets for Atlético. I just have to thank them for the moment I had. A huge learning experience. I leave through the front door,” he concluded.

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