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Topic No. 1098: Lula – Foreign Policy Mistakes and Successes |  the topic

Topic No. 1098: Lula – Foreign Policy Mistakes and Successes | the topic

On a tour of the Middle East, President Lula visited Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, the country hosting COP28, in what was his 15th international trip since he took office in January this year – in total, he was more than two months out. country; A strategy to try to restore Brazilian diplomatic prestige. To analyze where Lula got things wrong and where he got things wrong, and to offer the next steps in Brazil’s international relations, Natoza Neri spoke with economist Daniel Souza, Globonews commentator, professor at Ibmec and creator of the Petit Journal podcast, and with a political scientist. Guilherme Casaroes, Professor of International Relations at FGV-SP. In this episode:

  • Daniel and Guilherme comment on the Brazilian President’s round of meetings with leaders of Arab countries. “Today, the Arab world offers us a whole menu of potential trade, investment, and political heroism,” Cassarius says. “I am concerned about the certain uncertainty surrounding Brazil regarding renewable energy,” says the economist, when speaking about the invitation for the country to join OPEC+. “I think I shouldn’t accept that,” he adds.
  • Casaraos describes the government’s relationship with authoritarian leaders as part of a pragmatic strategy for Brazilian diplomacy: “The criticisms of Bolsonaro were related to the excessive personalization of relationships. “Lula maintains his institutional character.” Daniel is upset about Lola’s visit to the Saudi prince. “When Lula goes to Riyadh, he bears an excessive burden”;
  • The political scientist sees Lula’s visit to Germany – scheduled to take place after COP 28 – as a counterweight to the Arab agenda in global geopolitics. “It is an important moment to signal commitment to Western values,” he says. Daniel draws attention to the strategic potential of the meeting with the German Prime Minister shortly before the scheduled date of concluding the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur (December 7);
  • Daniel warns of the growing tension between Venezuela and Guyana, on the country’s northern border: “Brazil is the big mediator in the conflicts in South America and will have to deal with it very carefully.” Casaraus agrees and adds that if tension escalates into a military confrontation, all other diplomatic problems “will look like a piece of cake for Brazil.” “This will be the big test for Lula’s government,” he sums up.
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The O Assunto podcast is produced by: Monica Mariotti, Amanda Pollato, Lorena Lara, Gabriel de Campos, Luiz Felipe Silva and Thiago Kaczorowski. Presented by: Natusa Neri. Also contributing to this episode: Helen Menezes.

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