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Topic #1,135: Dengue – Explosion of Cases and Vaccine in the United States |  the topic

Topic #1,135: Dengue – Explosion of Cases and Vaccine in the United States | the topic

The numbers for the disease in 2023 are unprecedented: more than 1.6 million people have been infected and 1,094 have died as a result of complications. Now, in January of this year, the situation has become worse. According to Ministry of Health data, the number of dengue fever cases has doubled compared to the same period last year. New in the fight against the disease is the Qdenga vaccine, developed by a Japanese laboratory, approved by Anvisa and which will be offered to a specific target audience at SUS. To analyze the surge in cases and the introduction of the vaccine in Brazil, Natoza Neri interviewed infectious disease doctors Stefan Cunha Ugvarri, of the Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital and author of “History of Epidemics,” and Renato Kafouri, vice president of the Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital. Brazilian Society of Immunizations. In this episode:

  • Stefan explains why the dengue epidemic was so strong at the beginning of this year: “It depends on several factors, but the most important are the high temperature and a period of heavy rain.” He warns that the number of cases is expected to rise. “The peak should be at the end of March or beginning of April,” he says.
  • He talks about the importance of the government work team to reduce Aedes aegypti breeding sites. “It is unanimously understood that no country will be able to eradicate mosquitoes from its territory, but rather will position themselves to control their spread,” he says.
  • Kfoury comments on the arrival of the dengue vaccine in Brazil: “At first, it will not have any effect, but as more people are immunized, yes.” This is because SUS has only received 750,000 doses so far – out of a total of 50 million doses that will be delivered over 5 years;
  • The doctor explains why the age group eligible for vaccination is children and adolescents: “Here the vaccine was found to be most effective.” It presents the most common symptoms of the disease – and those that pose the greatest risk to the patient's health.
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The expert talks about the imminent danger of new dengue epidemics in Brazil

An infectious disease specialist talks about the impact of a vaccine to contain dengue fever in Brazil

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