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Federer beats Soneko to Wimbledon quarterfinals - 07/05/2021

Tokyo must have a new “tailor” Olympic program for the United States – 07/17/2021

Natalia Ariaga.

Central News Room, July 16 (EFE) .- Baseball, softball, surfing, skateboarding, climbing, 3×3 basketball … Just as American dominance in Olympic medals is not in question already, it seems that the new sports program is about to be introduced or organized for the Tokyo World Sports Organization.

With regard to Great Britain, in Rio de Janeiro, as they did in 2016, the delegation to second place in the final medal table has a chance to get a wider difference for the United States – in that edition, they won 47 golds, 26 against the British population. Of the total medals, the advantage was even higher: 121 to 67.

Apart from karate, the new methods of the Olympic program are easily identified with the sporting heritage of the United States. Baseball, softball and 3V3 basketball teams (women only) are classified. In individual competitions, surfer Karisa Moore, skater Naija Huston, BMX cyclist Hannah Roberts and climber Brooke Rub Outdo make their debut in medal games.

Highlights in gymnastics and swimming.

Big names that inspire confidence in the American delegation are the old acquaintance of the public: Simon Piles in gymnastics; Kylab Dressel and Katie Ledecky in swimming; Alison Felix, Nova Liles, Ryan Cruiser and Tryvon Bromel on track; Two basketball teams and a women’s football team, led by Megan Robinho and Alex Morgan.

Piles is the world’s main highlight in women’s art gymnastics. Also, in her favorite device, the asymmetrical bars, she will be challenged by a teammate Sunisa Lee, who beat him on the second day before the US Olympics.

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Another highlight of the United States was swimmer Caleb Dressel, just 20 years old at the Rio Games, “winning” only two medals at the relay events. Since then, however, he has won less than 13 gold and two silver at the World Cups.

Dressel swims 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly. His presence will help alleviate the absence of retired star Michael Phelps from the pools.

In the women’s event, Ledecky will try to maintain dominance in the freestyle and swim in the 200m to 1,500m freestyle and after winning five gold and one silver already, will add new medals to her collection.

Strong team of athletes.

Taking into account the Olympic Games and the World Championships in the open, Alison Felix, the biggest winner in athletic history, will be back at the Olympic Stadium. It will be the fifth edition played by an American who has already won six gold and three silver, and will operate in Tokyo, 400m, 4x400m and mixed relays.

One stage in Japan would be enough to equal Carl Lewis, the owner of ten medals, including nine gold and one silver, who won the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and long jump.

Ryan Krausser, on the other hand, arrives in Tokyo a month after taking a shot at one of the oldest world records in athletics.

Trevon Bromel leads the world rankings with a time of 9s77 in the 100 meters, and Hussein Bolt, who retired from the tracks, was named the tournament winner.

Domain in Proof Basketball.

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In team sports, American dominance in basketball is questionable. Men and women compete for records: the women’s team has not lost a game since 1992, and if it wins the seventh gold, it will be equal to the men’s team series from 1936 to 1968, an all – time record in all Olympic Games.

Among the men, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, among other stars, did not make themselves available to coach Greg Bopovich. However, Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets), Pam Adebayo (Miami Heat), Bradley Peel (Washington Wizards), Devin Booker (Phoenix Sons), Jeremy Grant (Detroit Pistons), Tremond Green (Golden State Warriors), ), Zach Lawin (Chicago Bulls), Damien Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks) and Jason Celtics).

The team’s preparation for the game began with two surprising losses in friendship in Las Vegas: Nigeria, 90-87, and Australia, 91-83. In the third fight, finally a win, 108-80 over Argentina.

In the women’s event, Diana Dura, the biggest basket in WNBA history, will be chasing her fifth gold medal and joining six newcomers at the Olympics.

In football, the women’s team won four gold medals in six editions of the show. In Rio 2016, they lost to Sweden in the quarterfinals.

Other team disciplines where the American flag is often hoisted at the Olympics are volleyball and water polo, with men’s and women’s teams having the opportunity to reach the podium in Tokyo.

The U.S. delegation topped 17 of the 28 editions so far. Since 1996, when Beijing was champion China in 2008, it has been defeated only once. In London 2012, the United States won 46 gold medals and a total of 103 places, leading against 38 and 91 Asian companies.

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