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Today is the last date to receive the 13th batch.  What do I do if I don’t win?

Today is the last date to receive the 13th batch. What do I do if I don’t win?

The calculation takes into account all payments, but not interest. The calculation of the payment of this benefit must take into account the salary as well as the so-called salary payments that the employee receives repeatedly throughout the year, such as: overtime, commissions, wages for night shifts, wages for dangerous work, and wages for unhealthy work. This amount will be increased proportionately in the 13th day installments. Values ​​such as transportation allowance, food, day care and profit sharing are not included in the calculation.

If the employee only receives salary, the 13th day’s value will be equal to December’s salary. If the employee works less than 15 days in the month in which he joins the company, that month is not counted in calculating the 13th day (if he joined on January 20, for example, it is not considered January).

How is the thirteenth of who earns commission calculated?

For those who receive a commission, the thirteenth day is calculated as follows: The amounts received are averaged from January to October (for the first payment) and from January to November (for the second payment). For December commissions, the difference will be recalculated in the 13th salary, and the amount can be paid up to the 5th business day of January 2022.

Is a temporary worker entitled to the thirteenth salary?

Yes, if the worker has a signed labor card during temporary work. In this case, he will receive the amount that is proportional to the number of months of work.

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