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Titi is cheerful as Daniel Alves.  In Barcelona, ​​the coach is free to take him to the World Cup - Prisma

Titi is cheerful as Daniel Alves. In Barcelona, ​​the coach is free to take him to the World Cup – Prisma

Sao Paulo, Brazil

After the player and his family, Tite was most satisfied with the signing of Daniel Alves with Barcelona.

It doesn’t matter if the contract is “in jeopardy”, between January and June 2022. The 38-year-old will be active in one of the biggest clubs in the world, will justify his next calls and even go to the Qatar Cup, like Tite dreams that he wants him as captain of Brazil and above all player thing.

If he does not stay at the Spanish club, then after June, the Athletico Paranaense opens to the player, so that he can play until the World Championship, in November next year.

His signature, in Catalonia, was requested by Xavi, the new coach of Barcelona, ​​​​and a personal friend of Daniel Alves.

The Catalan club is in a very poor position in the Spanish championship, only in ninth place. And they have an irregular campaign in the Champions League, with two wins and two defeats, and occupying second place with six points, in Group E, and Bayern Munich leads the way, with 12 points.

The return is a very special victory for Daniel Alves. The club released him five years ago. because of your age. 33 years old at the time.

The Brazilian represents the triumphant aura of Barcelona. He has 42 official titles, no less than 23 titles for Catalans. He spent eight years at the club.

He said: “I left saying that when Barcelona needed me, I would be at their disposal no matter where I am. The affection, love and respect I have for this house is wonderful. If Barcelona thinks they need me, just call me”, in October, when he had already begun to consider The idea of ​​​​transferring Xavi to the place of the Dutchman Koeman.

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The Sao Paulo board of directors coolly followed the player’s trip to Barcelona.

The club owes 60 installments worth R$400,000, for a total of R$24 million to the full-back.

Daniel Alves begins training this next week.

It will only play in January, when the international transfer window reopens.

The side couldn’t be happier.

Just like Tite…