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This weekend, the Kingdom of Liberty Samba School celebrates 40 years in mind

Hobby Guild School Samba The United Kingdom of Liberty turns 40 next Sunday, (5), but the memorial service begins at 5 pm on Saturday (4). To stir up the community in and around the Moro da Libertad in the Southern Hemisphere, the association prepared a great meeting with lots of pagodas and samba, outside the Terreo do samba May Sulmira Gomes in Putego do Rhino so Picano.

The Amigos to Boskinho Boda team is going to start by animating the audience, followed by Bagot Dos Mestress and Poder A +, who promise not to let anyone down. Special guest appearance of Lucinho do Samba and many more. At midnight, there are traditional greetings to the sound of Nico Leo and Battery Furiosa. Closing the night, Mario Morel brings a talent with multiple rhythms.

Party open gates, free and free tables. It is mandatory to provide a vaccine cover with a minimum first dose against the mask, alcohol gel and Covit-19.

Grace UK of Freedom

Grace is creating a number of jobs to promote the United Kingdom of Liberty Carnival. Throughout the year, not only during festival periods, samba circles, rehearsals for folk groups, music and dance workshops create art and cultural activities within the court. Much of the work has been done by the Institute Rhino do Amanho, which works with children and adolescents in various areas. As a result, today, it is the only samba school in Manas to bring more than five thousand spectators to all street rehearsals and is one of the few schools to fill the arenas on parade nights.

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In its 39 years, the United Kingdom of Liberty has disputed 31 titles, making it the 13-time champion of the Manas Special Group. Its last title was in 2019 with the plot “Afro-Brazilian Drums, Beliefs and Customs – A Benoit May Sulmira”.

In the last 15 years, it has managed to win 15 trophies, making it the only samba school in the country to achieve this feat. There were 7 champion titles (2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), 6 runner-up (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2015, 2020) and 2 third place (2008 and 2013).


Which: 40th Birthday of the United Kingdom of Liberty

When: This Saturday, 09/04

Table: From 5 p.m.

Local: Butto Rino Zé Picano, Terreiro do Samba Mãe Zulmira Gomes, Av. São João, s / n, is located in Morro da Liberdade.

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