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This cut of meat has been voted the best for making bacon

According to Healthline, beef bacon (rotten meatA delicious option for those looking for rich foods NutrientsBecause it is balanced with protein, iron and other essential vitamins to maintain the health of the human body. However, it is necessary to know which one is better A piece of meat To prepare the dish jerky and gnawed. Check it out below!

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Choosing the best steak for bacon is essential

According to North Dakota State University, jerky products, related to the Spanish word “charqui,” have historically used natural preservation methods such as sun and wind. However, today’s meat is soaked in brine, which gives it a strong flavour.

Round steak is the answer

On the advice of top chefs around the world, a variety of meats can be used to make the product, including duck, buffalo, crocodile and alpaca. However, since many home cooks do not have access to this meat, let’s focus on the cuts that should be used to make the best bacon.

Companies that sell bacon prefer lean cuts of meat, “London Broil,” also known as prime steak. This is mainly due to its low cost and delicious taste.

They claim that fatty cuts are not the best option for making jerky, as the fat is difficult to extract from fatty tissue, nor is it a very healthy choice for making everyday dishes. But since the top steak has only 7.7 grams of total fat, you don’t have to worry.

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In addition, it is worth emphasizing the importance of always choosing fresh cuts, as this can interfere with the taste of the finished dish. In that sense, if you want to make the bacon jerky, choose the top of the round steak cut.