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Thirteenth salary: who is eligible and how is the Christmas bonus calculated in Brazil?

Thirteenth salary: who is eligible and how is the Christmas bonus calculated in Brazil?

The long-awaited 13th salary has begun to be deposited into the accounts of millions of Brazilians. A new round of payments will be launched soon, covering more professionals and contributing to strengthening the national economy. The Christmas bonus is a labor right guaranteed by law to all formal workers in Brazil.

Who deserves the thirteenth salary?

All professionals who have an official employment contract, i.e. a signed business card, are entitled to a Christmas bonus. The value is calculated proportional to the length of service during the reference year. In other words, everyone who worked during the twelve months of the year receives the full amount corresponding to the additional salary. For those who are appointed for a shorter period, the benefit is calculated proportionately.

How is it calculated? Salary 13?

The thirteenth salary is calculated as follows: First, the worker’s total salary is divided by 12; This score is then multiplied by the number of months the professional was active during the year. It is worth noting that Brazilian legislation stipulates that after 15 days of work, a full month is counted for the purpose of calculating the benefit.

Payment can be made in two installments by the employer. The first amount must be credited to the worker’s bank account by November 30; The second until December 20. It is important to note that these values ​​are subject to deductions, such as the calculation of contributions to the National Institute of Social Security and income tax, which are traditionally deducted in the second payment.

After all, what’s a Christmas bonus?

The Christmas bonus, also known as the thirteenth salary, is a right guaranteed by Brazilian labor legislation to every formal worker. It was established in the country in the 1960s and is seen as a way to boost the economy at the end of the year, with many using the amount to do Christmas shopping or pay off debts.

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Moreover, workers can rely on this guarantee of “extra salary” for financial planning for year-end expenses, significantly relieving the family budget.

Finally, we remember that in a scenario of economic uncertainty such as the one we are currently experiencing, the 13th salary advance contributes significantly to maintaining financial stability for workers and their families.