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These are the dangers of cracking the neck, according to a doctor – Metro World News Brazil

These are the dangers of cracking the neck, according to a doctor – Metro World News Brazil

Do you have a habit of cracking your neck when you’re nervous? Even if the momentary sensation is comforting, doctors do not recommend this action.

second Ever Ariaswhich I formed Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine And the resident there UCI Medical Centerfrom the United States, an act that seems simple and not dangerous at all Muscle strain And generating a Fracture in the area.

The specialist gives a real example of the problem through the story of a 20-year-old patient he treated. After cracking her neck twice in a row, she started to feel Very strong pain.

She entered the emergency room after being seen and examined. We found out she had a cervical compression fracture. Basically, it was discovered that she had hypermobility syndrome and therefore had a lot of movement in the area. What happened is she ended up bending her neck too much and started getting a stress fracture.The doctor explained in a video clip that received more than 4 million views.

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In addition to this specific condition, Arias comments on other problems that can arise over time in those who maintain the habit, such as a stroke that can cause a heart attack. Anatomy of the vertebral artery.

“I myself never try to break joints in my neck. Because this can often lead to collateral damage. It can also cause its own anatomy or other types of vascular injuries to the structure of the neck.

Another example is in the doctor’s video telling about a woman who went too far and “broke” her neck.

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“I ‘broke’ my neck with my hand and spent the first two weeks of college wearing a neck brace.”

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