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There are no tariff laws for transportation from the UK to the EU

British motorcyclists who brought motorcycles to the EU often faced problems and faced higher fines in EU countries.

Source: FEMA

Following the action of FEMA, FIVA and NMC, the European Commission has now confirmed that taking a motorcycle or car from the UK to the continent should not be a problem.

This may seem strange to many of us, but many British residents do not drive their motorcycles to mainland, but park them in a van or trailer or hire a shipping company to take the motorcycle to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir choice. Ride with her. In addition, historic vehicle owners tend to drive their vehicles this way to participate in exhibitions and rallies.

For many years this happened without major problems, but came on January 1, 2021. This time, the story of a Dutch customs officer who confiscated a ham cheese sandwich from a truck driver: “Sorry sir, welcome to Brexit”. As far as is known, the confiscation of motorcycles has not gone far enough, but in 2021 the owners of motorcycles and historic vehicles faced higher fines and tax bills that had to be paid on the spot.

Be warned by reports of misguided owners and transport companies (some of which are not in the UK) and FIVA, the Federation of Historic Vehicles, have decided to take joint action.

In December 2021, they wrote a letter to European Commissioner Breton asking for a solution. The Commission’s response came in May 2022 and is quite clear: “Transportation arrangements that temporarily enter the EU and leave the UK after a few weeks may be placed under a temporary permit and may be notified to customs by a single cross-border process.”

Used for exhibitions, other events or holidays, no customs duties at entry and exit. In other words: there is no need to present a customs notice, there are no requirements for security and safety and temporary storage. No need to pay more value added tax (VAT).

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