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The US suspects Huawei of being China’s spy agency in Cuba

The US suspects Huawei of being China’s spy agency in Cuba

U.S. officials have tracked Huawei workers roaming around suspected Chinese telecommunications companies in Cuba. Since Huawei and ZTE are not known for making spy tools, the companies in question on the island specialize in technologies that can be used for this.

Find out where the doubt came from:

  • Since the administration of Donald Trump in 2019, China has maintained a spy base in Cuba;
  • According to U.S. officials, the two countries jointly controlled four spy stations on the island at the time;
  • Additionally, Beijing and Havana are also negotiating the creation of a new military training center on Cuba’s northern coast.

Following the allegations, Huawei issued a statement denying “such baseless allegations”. He added that he is “committed to fully complying with applicable laws and regulations where we operate”.

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Beijing “will continue to try to increase its presence in Cuba, and we will continue to work to prevent it.” This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He also told some colleagues in Beijing that the country has “deep concerns” about China’s espionage and military activities in Cuba.

We are going to monitor this very, very closely and we are very clear about that. And we will protect our homeland; We will protect our interests.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State

A demand for clarification from the United States

US Congress (Image: Pixabay)

Mike Gallagher, chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s bipartisan committee, sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence Avril Hines seeking clarification on US policies to restrict the export of US technology to Chinese telecommunications companies.

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Gallagher notes in the letter that since the 2000s Huawei has been assisting the Cuban government in modernizing the local telecommunications and Internet infrastructure. He also pointed out that the company maintains a regular business presence with ZTE and Great Dragon Information Technology Group. on the island.

The spying suspicions come in parallel with US efforts to convince its allies to shut down Huawei. Leave it to next-generation telecom networks.

with the information that Wall Street Journal

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