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The US says Russia has used only 10% of its firepower against Ukraine

The US says Russia has used only 10% of its firepower against Ukraine

Soldiers’ train carrying military equipment from units of the Russian Tank Army. (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense/TASS via Getty Images)

Russia has about “90% of its available combat power still ready for use” in Ukraine. The information comes from CNN International based on a statement issued by a senior US Department of Defense official, delivered to reporters on Wednesday (9).

The official added that the United States estimates that Russia no longer has “several hundred vehicles of different ranges and sizes,” but the United States does not know if these vehicles have been captured, destroyed or abandoned.

CNN reported Tuesday that the United States has estimated that 8% to 10% of Russian military assets used in the invasion of Ukraine are now destroyed or rendered inoperable, according to a US official familiar with the information. Updated Tuesday.

The missing equipment includes tanks, aircraft, artillery, and other military assets. That’s nearly double the losses reported by CNN last week, when it was estimated that Russia lost 3% to 5% of its military assets.

UK says it will provide air defense to Ukraine

Despite all the firepower Russia has not used during this conflict, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Wednesday (9) that the UK should provide Ukraine with air defense systems.

“The best way to help protect the skies is through anti-aircraft weapons, which the UK will now supply to Ukraine,” Truss said.

The minister also said the UK was not trying to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s evacuation corridors, as that would “lead to a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia”. And that’s not what we’re looking for.”, he emphasized.

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Putin surprised us with our unity and the severity of our sanctions, we hit banks, ships, planes, oligarchs, oil and gas revenues. The brave Ukrainian people surprised him with his determination and leadership.”

Now is not the time to give up. “Putin must fail,” Truss said.