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The US says it killed the leader of Kataib Hezbollah, Jovem Ban

The US says it killed the leader of Kataib Hezbollah, Jovem Ban

People, rescuers and security forces gather around a vehicle that was hit by a drone strike that killed three people, including two leaders of a pro-Iran group, in Baghdad on February 7, 2024. One of those killed was Katab Hezbollah commander. A member of the Iran-backed Iraqi group, the militant group responsible for military affairs in Syria, told AFP. Security sources also said two members of Qateb Hezbollah were killed. (Photo: Murtaja Latif / AFP)

you to us This Wednesday, the 7th, they claimed to have killed the leader of a pro-Iranian militia Must be Hezbollah During a bombing raid east of Baghdad. This information is provided by the US Armed Forces Central Command (Centcom) commander has not been named, but Centcom says he was “directly responsible” for planning the attacks. Must be Hezbollah Against American soldiers in the Middle East. Before the US announcement, the US police Baghdad EFE had already reported that at least three people died in this Wednesday's attack. Centcom did not name the other two people said to have been killed in the blast, saying only that there was “no sign of collateral damage or civilian casualties so far”, however, Baghdad police said they were killed in the attack. Baqir Al Saadi This is Arkhan Al AlawiKataib is members of Hezbollah, as well as a third person, whose identity is not yet known and who is said to belong to the Al Nujaba movement.


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However, the US did not say whether the US government was notified of the attack. Iraq took place in its territory. US government action on February 2 against militants popular riots It went unannounced and the Iraqi government described it as a violation of the country's sovereignty. The new bombing comes amid Itaque's talks with the United States to set a timetable for the presence of foreign troops in the Arab country, which could end the international coalition's mission against the group. Islamic State After a decade of operations.

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