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The United States will help protect journalists around the world from legal threats

Samantha Power, Administrator of the US Agency for International Development

Photo: Kendra Helmer / USAID / CC BY-NC

On Tuesday, America A A program to protect journalists around the world from legal threats It seeks to silence critical voices, an increasingly common tactic that Samantha Power, the nation’s top foreign aid official, described as “legalistic.”

Administrator of the US Agency for International Development, Power UN. The Reporter Shield program was announced at an event marking World Press Freedom Day.

“Many independent outlets can’t handle being sued, so they’re forced to close their doors or try to self-censor to avoid attracting the interest of potential targets,” he said.

“Corrupt leaders know this, and that’s why they use the law more.”

Cyrus R. Corruption and Organized Crime Reporting Program and International Justice. The agency said it plans to work with Congress to provide $9 million for the program, which it administers jointly with the Vance Center.

“To challenge the law, journalists and news organizations need strong protections, they need training to avoid prosecution, they need resources to hire lawyers and cover legal costs,” Power said.

The agency said Reporters Shield will be a membership program, and companies will pay an annual fee based on factors such as the location of the outlet and how many stories are produced per year.

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