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The United States issues more than 24,000 visas a month for the reopening of embassies

According to data released by the country’s foreign ministry, 30,464 permits were issued in the final month of 2021 (Carlos Severo / Photos Publics)

You The United States resumed default on visa issuance and planning for Brazilians in November. In the first month of re-opening of embassies, visa issuance increased by 584%. In tourist visas alone, it is 2000% higher than in October. The holiday season, the reopening of borders and the accumulation of expired visas all explain this increase.

According to data released by the country’s foreign ministry, 30,464 clearances were issued in the last month of the year, up from 4,451 in October.

In all, Brazilians were issued a total of 24,049 B2 or B1 / B2 visas – an increase of 2,080% over the 1,104 travel permits issued in October.

“The normalization of diplomatic processes in the issuance of visas, combined with the year-end vacation period and the high number of backward applications, led to a sudden growth from one month to the next,” explains immigration lawyer Philip Alexandre. AG Immigration.

Of the total visas issued in November, 98.24% were non-immigrants – that is, those not allowed to reside in the United States – only 1.76% were granted to Brazilians for immigration purposes. Seek to live in the United States and work in the country.

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