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The United States has urged the United Kingdom not to take unilateral action in Northern Ireland

The United States has urged the United Kingdom not to take unilateral action in Northern Ireland

The Following the announcement by the London government that it was drafting legislation to withdraw part of the agreements relating to the UK’s exit from the EU, the region’s position would be called Brexit.

“We want to see this issue resolved. We want to see less tension, not unilateral action,” Solt told the BBC. UK and Ireland in the coming days.

US President Joe Biden has expressed his special interest in securing peace agreements in the region.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, this week expressed “deep concern” that London would “unilaterally suppress” Northern Ireland’s protocol, an essential part of the Brexit Accords.

On Friday, Pelosi, the one-party leader of Northern Ireland, criticized Brussels for threatening to block a trade deal with the United Kingdom over London’s post – Brexit differences.

Pelosi warned in a statement that if the United Kingdom acted unilaterally to change trade agreements with Northern Ireland, there was a risk of retaliation from the United States, which was co-responsible for the 1998 peace agreement.

“If the UK wants to break the Good Friday agreements, Congress cannot and will not support a bilateral free trade agreement with the UK,” he said.

Jeffrey Donaldson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), responded that it was “absolutely clear” that the protocol would affect the peace agreement, which “made devolution impossible by consensus.”

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